• Welcome

    Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is the brain-child of Dr. K M Munshi, a visionary, who dreamt of the moulding every Indian into an ethical citizen rooted in rich ethical values of this great nation.

  • Bhavan School

    Bhavan’s Dr. D Krishnamurthi and Smt. D.Shakuntalamma Memorial School started in the academic year 2009-10 with 262 students from Pre-Primary to IV Standard.

  • Philosophy

    Bhavan Believes Indian culture and its unique value systems can be developed by spreading value education.

  • Kalabharati

    The aim of the Bhavan is not to suppress the youth from acquiring modern knowledge and specialisation, but make them imbibe and assimilate the rich values of Indian cultural heritage.

Bhavan's Dr. D.Krishnamurti & Smt. D.Shakuntalamma Memorial School, SHIVAMOGGA

The School strives to blend the heritage, culture, values and wisdom of ancient India with the constantly changing needs and aspirations of modern society. It seeks to develop every student into a self-reliant, socially useful, disciplined and law-abiding citizen. In other words, it aims at developing every pupil into an integrated personality.

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Kids Kingdom - Nursery

A good start in school is ver y important to future success, but it does not just happen. The educational values are not created. The interests that are not established, the skills that are not developed in the early years cannot be made up later. Bhavan's Kids Kingdom's main focus is to develop skills in children.

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Bhavan's Philosophy

The School caters to the educational needs of those who want to combine the advantages of a 'modern public school' with those of the "Ancient Vidyashram" aimed at all round development of character and personality through close contact between the teacher and the taught, and wide range of activities leading to self and social fulfillment.

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